G703 RJ45 Transmission Baluns
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G703 RJ45 Transmission Baluns

G703 Baluns (Coax to Twisted Pair Converters) - RJ45 Baluns - E1 Baluns - E2 Baluns All G703 Baluns will operated in 2 Mbits (E1 Balun) and 8 Mbits (E2 Balun) transmission speeds. Design Technology that brings you the very best all round performance. All EQL's products are precision manufactured to ISO 9002 standards using the best quality materials to ensure full compliance with ITU-T G703 recommendations and international industry standards. All G703 Baluns are individually tested to ensure they perform 100% to specifications as our guarantee they will work first time every time. As our guarantee of performance and quality our products come with a 12 months replacement warranty.

Major Features of G703 Transmission Baluns:

  • High Reliability and Durability
  • Bi-directional signal conversion
  • Compact fire retardant enclosure
  • Allows 15 mm U-link spacing for eg 1.6/5.6 applications
  • Integrated cable anchor which allows cable to be inserted after termination on IDC
  • Offset IDC allows cable to be run between baluns
  • Designed for cost effective implementation
  • G703 RJ45 Balun Range:

    Single 1.6/5.6 Female to RJ45

    P/N: E10110S

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    Single BNC Female to RJ45

    P/N: E10120S

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    Single BNC Male to RJ45

    P/N: E10140S

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    Rear View Single Balun
    Dual BNC Female RJ45 Balun

    P/N: E10110D

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    Dual BNC Female to RJ45 Balun

    P/N: E10120D

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    Dual 1.6/5.6 Male RJ45 Balun

    P/N: E10130D

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    Dual BNC Male to RJ45 Balun

    P/N: E10140D

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    Rear View of Dual Balun
    Dual BNC Female Panel Mount Balun

    P/N: E10120DB

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    Dual BNC Female M3 Panel Mount

    P/N: E10120DM

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    Rear View of E10120DM

    Dual 1.6/5.6 Male Balun with 150 mm cable

    P/N: E10136D

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    Dual BNC Male Balun with 150 mm cable

    P/N: E10146D

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